Silicone rubber keymates

In many applications the classic switch will be replaced by a silicone rubber keypad. According to the application the silicone rubber keypad offers many advantages:

  • Compared to other technologies it is cheaper, durable and reliable.
  • There are hardly any limits in shapes and colours.

You cannot imagine entertainment electronics and telecommunication without silicone rubber keypad. They are used to actuate a direct or indirect switch function with a PCB or another switch carrier.

We manufacture customer-specific silicone rubber keypads HTV or LIM (printed or plain / with or without backlight) with optimal tactility, high abrasion and long life.

There is also another type of keypad: The P+R technology (plastic and rubber). Hard keycaps assembled on silicone rubber.

By close cooperation and open communication with our customers we know what the market requires.

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