The material silicone

Silicone is multifunctional and has outstanding physical features.

  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Resistant to age and atmospheric conditions
  • environmentally compliant
  • high stretch
  • neutral to odours and tastes

Silicone can be produced in various shapes and colours:

  • Silicone rubber keypads (with isolating / cooling function e.g. electronic equipment)
  • Silicone rubber hoses (e.g. in coffee machines, door-gaskets in ovens)
  • Silicone caps (e.g. in the automotive industry, gaskets)

There are continually new applications for the material which can be found in various markets. e.g. automotive sector, electronics sector, household appliance sector and medical sector.

Who would have thought a couple years ago that baking dishes made of silicone would be a best seller?

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